After April Ryan Rudely Interrupts Briefing, Sarah Huckabee Shames Her in Epic Fashion

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing today alongside Kevin Hassett, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers.

Hassett started off the briefing by discussing the drastic reduction in unemployment among African Americans and detailed how President Trump’s policies will further bring prosperity to all Americans.

When Sarah started taking questions, she was immediately bombarded with questions about Trump’s cancelation of the Philadelphia Eagles’ White House visit today, which he replaced with a “Celebration of America” ceremony.

Everyone’s favorite liberal reporter, CNN’s April Ryan, piped in, interrupting her colleague and kept yelling the same question over and over to Sarah, not allowing her to move to the next question.

“…Is the president aware that taking a knee is about police involved shootings?”

Ryan was accusing Trump of not knowing why the NFL players have taken a knee during the national anthem in the past. Sarah’s answer shamed her in front of all of her colleagues.

“I let you rudely interrupt me and your colleagues so I’m going to ask that you allow me to finish my answer. I would be happy to answer if you would stop talking long enough to let me do that. The president has made his position crystal clear on this topic, that he feels strongly that standing for our national anthem is something that we should do; something that matters to what makes our country special, unique, and what sets us apart. He is not going to waver on that and he is not going to apologize on that. Frankly, more than 70% of Americans agree with him on that matter.”

This should be the last thing that drives the point home to April Ryan and any other liberal that wants to give these kneeling NFL players a free pass to disrespect our military on the job.

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