Julian Assange, a free man.

Julian Assange is free to go. At least as far as Sweden is concerned. Sweden is dropping their rape charge against him.

Moments after the country of Sweden made the announcement Wikileaks Tweeted:

It is not clear if Julian Assange will be leaving the Embassy. Based on the Tweet sent moments after the announcement about the charges this Tweet was sent:

The original charge has been dropped, but there is some unfinished business with the UK. He fled from UK authorities which is still an unsettled matter.

It looks like Julian Assange will stay put for now. Awaiting news from the UK. Does the United States have a warrant or not?

So far, there has been no information about a warrant for Assange. At the moment it appears that Julian Assange is technically a free man, with a very uncertain future. It looks like he may keep himself detained at the Embassy until he knows for sure. Only time will tell.

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